Historical Seaport


Electric Eye

Electric Eye Plays at Seaport 8PM to 9PM

All In kicks off entertainment at 5PM

Since 1997, the City of Aberdeen has organized the annual family festival at Morrison Riverfront Park on July 4, including a popular fireworks show. Earlier this year, Grays Harbor Historical Seaport and Aberdeen Parks and Recreation announced a joint effort to expand the annual Aberdeen SPLASH celebration.

The Historical Seaport has announced the music lineup for SPLASH at Seaport Landing, the evening portion of the annual SPLASH celebration on Independence Day in Aberdeen. In 2016, SPLASH will be divided into two sections, one on the north side of the river, and one on the south side. Here are the bands scheduled to perform at Seaport Landing.

5 pm  to 6 pm : All In — The dynamic trio All In is known for its strong vocals, catchy original tunes, and its own twist on covers.
6:30 pm to 7:30 pm : Catch of the Day — The Westport-based band Catch of the Day weaves its love of the blues with rock, country, a little pop, and a dash of originals.
8 pm to 9 pm : Electric Eye — The cover band Electric Eye, melting faces since 2007, takes good songs and converts them into loud garage band rock.
9:30 pm to 11 pm : Vaughn Johannes — Spiced with original songs, Vaughn Johannes’ set includes classic rock, country, and 90s grunge, including Nirvana.